The Future of Print

Some people think printing is dead!

Some think it’s old fashioned!

And others think it’s alive and well!

Well let me tell you something, printing IS alive and well. The fact is it still has the highest response rate ahead of all forms of marketing e.g. Print / Direct Mail has a 37% higher response rate than email marketing and social media.

People forget that the comfort and simplicity of Print related marketing material gains a greater audience and attention span.

If you look at the statistics, 80% of what we read in printed material goes into our mind.

The statistics for online is that 20% of what we read online goes into our mind.

Also due to GDPR regulations Direct mail is a perfect way to exercise permission for future campaigns.

The underlying issue that print has found it hard to shake is the environmental tag that has given it a tough time.

Now more than ever, this myth should be researched properly as most paper used in print today is sourced from sustainably managed forest and recycled pulp. I would also like to point out that most trees are harvested by only clipping and not being destroyed.

We should think more about eating our food off a wooden table than worrying about printing out an email on a sheet of A4 paper, as tables are made from the trunk of a tree which needs to be destroyed to make the table!

Anyway, let’s get back on track, print is alive and will almost certainly be a key factor in marketing your business in order to get you the results you desire.

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Deadlines For Printing


Sometimes deadlines can be impossible!

Other suppliers may say, “We can achieve all deadlines! ““Really?”

But like I say sometimes to get the actual job done on time to the right specification and of course these days at the right cost! It cannot be done!

At Heaton Press we are honest about deadlines and we always try to find a solution!

Take this particular job: –

It’s Monday 10am. The Brochures were required for Tuesday 1pm for a council presentation meeting.

Our client wanted 2,000 copies.

But Artwork had not been signed off as the client was waiting for two important location images that had not yet been supplied, and these could not be provided for another 2 days!

Heaton Press found two temporary, similar images and then set about producing 20 copies on our Digital Printing Press! So now our client had them delivered ready for Tuesday 11am.

The following week they provided the missing images then took delivery of the 2,000 Brochures.


What we did was offer our client a solution!

We had a conversation.

We gave them a choice.

And they took it!



John Bardsley – Managing Director


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The Benefits Of Partnering With Professional Printers

With home and office printing having become so universally affordable and easy to carry out these days, it’s little wonder that most businesses take care of everything in-house rather than heading to a professional printers.

Indeed, the idea of outsourcing printing jobs to a professional third-party comes across to many as unnecessary at best, alien at worst.

After all, why outsource what you can take care of yourself?

As logical as this may appear on the surface, it is in fact an example of flawed logic at its finest. The reason being that when the abundant benefits of professional printing are laid out on paper, no pun intended, there’s really no way of comparing the two like-for-like without noting a clear imbalance in favour of the pro option.


For example, if quality is of any real importance to the business looking to go about the printing job, it is simply impossible to produce professional-quality results of the highest standard using everyday home or office printers. Professional printers invest in cutting-edge technology that’s as complicated as it is expensive, yet represents the only plausible solution where perfection is called for.


Another area in which professional printers excel is that of quantity – as in being able to churn out vast numbers of documents, images and really anything else at all in a short space of time. It’s one thing to be able to keep up with printing needs at a slow and steady pace, but when and where a spike suddenly calls for a huge uptick in output, you’ll be glad you had the experts in your corner.


The more time you divert to printing duties and perfecting printed output, the less time you have to dedicate to the core focus of your business. By outsourcing to those that live and breathe pro printing for a living, the business and all its precious human resources are free to invest their time in more practical and beneficial pursuits with the benefit of the business as a whole in mind. In terms of convenience therefore, there’s really no comparison.


Something else to bear in mind is the way in which a professional printers serves as far more than just a glorified online printing machine. Quite to the contrary, any reputable printing service will also offer valuable consultancy on printing and all related matters, meaning help and guidance on all manner of subjects when and where sought. You may not have all the answers as to how to best handle a printing job – chances are your pro partner will.


And finally, you’d be forgiven for thinking that a professional print company would be the more expensive way to go, but this rarely turns out to be the case. The reason being that once you’ve factored in all of the initial equipment costs and on-going ink, paper and maintenance costs of running in-house printers over the long-term, chances are you’d have been much better-off going with a pro printing service – and that’s alongside the bonus of superior quality results, every time.

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Poster Printing: Why It Pays to Go Pro.

There’s really nothing more deflating than coming up with an incredible new poster design only to then go and ruin the whole thing during the poster printing process.

From large-scale advertising to that first gig you’ve finally lined up for the band and really anything else across the board, the efforts invested warrant due care and attention when printing.

Technically, you have one of two choices to make for poster printing – you can either tackle the job manually or call in the professionals.

And while it may seem as though the latter represents the less economical option on the surface, it nonetheless comes with an array of unique and priceless bonuses.

1. Superior Quality

For example, it’s safe to say that if quality counts, there’s really no better option than professional poster printing. It’s worth remembering that in order to print larger copies at the highest quality levels, superior equipment, and consumables are needed; the likes of which are extremely expensive. If you’d prefer only the very best quality printing output, this is the way to go.

2. Precision

It’s also worth noting that while your designs may look the part on paper, there’s a chance they’ll lose much of the lustre when brought to life as large-scale prints. Again, it takes both superior equipment and expertise to take a poster design of any size and print it on a much larger scale than the average document. So, if you don’t want those viewing the poster to spend most of their time picking faults with it, consider professional printing.

3. Consistency

If you intend to print multiple copies of your poster either to display in different locations or perhaps even to sell, you’ll need to ensure that consistency is flawless across the board. It’s no good for some of the prints to look perfect while others are slightly lacking – this is once again a very good reason why it pays to go with the professionals. This way, consistency is guaranteed across the board.

4. Convenience

Printing large-scale posters and multiple copies thereof can be rather tricky and time-consuming to say the least – especially if it’s a case of leasing, borrowing or going out and finding the equipment necessary to run the copies off. By contrast, printing by way of a professional provider is as easy as firing the file off digitally and awaiting the pristine posters in the mail – it really couldn’t be more convenient.

5. Value for Money

Last but not least, while it may appear on the surface to cost more on a per-copy basis, the value for money you’ll get from professional poster printing is simply unrivalled. It would be impossible to replicate this kind of quality without spending a small fortune on equipment, the convenience of pro printing is quite sublime and the knowledge and advice a pro partner can offer is truly priceless.

So, when you look at the value for money on offer with each print this way, it’s actually a pretty incredible price to pay for such a huge array of benefits.

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Five Top Tips For Reducing Printing Costs


Pound for pound, printer ink is one of the most staggeringly expensive printing costs commodities any business will ever invest in.

And with printer cartridges becoming pricier with each passing year, it’s hardly surprising that so many offices are searching high and low for workable ways of cutting printing costs.

What’s the experts’ take on the subject? Well, the good news is that bringing printing costs under control is indeed a realistic possibility – many of the options for doing so may have been right under your nose the whole time.

Tip 1. Outsource

First of all, outsourcing printing jobs has traditionally been seen as the lavish way to go, though makes quite a bit of sense when you think about it. With no need for printing hardware, no costs for ink and no constant refilling of paper, you end up saving the kind of money that could easily stretch to a supreme-quality professional printing service and never have to worry about overspending again.

Tip 2. Upgrade

If however you’re fully intent on sticking with the DIY printing option, there’s no escaping the fact that your 2003 HP Deskjet printer just isn’t going to be as efficient as the latest 2019 models. Yes there’s an expense to be footed in the form of the printer itself, but given the fact that you might save up to 50% on ink costs from then on, it’s the kind of expense you’ll find being repaid many times over.

Tip 3. Font Checks

Something of a no-brainer as soon as you actually think about it – some fonts inherently use a lot more ink for printing purposes than others. The font you choose along with its size, style and so on will all have an effect on how much ink you use, so it’s worth seeing if you can get away with something smaller and simpler. You can find plenty of details online as to which fonts are the most frugal when it comes to ink-preservation.

Tip 4. Buy in Bulk

No matter what it is you need for your printer – paper, ink and so on – you stand to save a small fortune if you buy in bulk. The simple fact of the matter is that printer ink doesn’t really cost the Earth to produce, which is why retailers and wholesalers can pick the stuff up for a hell of a lot cheaper than the standard end-user. Of course, the only bind here is that if you buy enough printer ink to last three or four years, you’re out of luck if you decide to upgrade to a better machine in the meantime…a bit of a catch 22.

Tip 5. Banish the Brands

Last but not least, as much as they would have you believe otherwise there is quite simply no difference between the branded cartridges on the market and the better-quality unbranded alternatives. Not only will the latter cost you a great deal less, but you can also pick up versions that are refillable or can be fed from a continuous ink supply – both of which will save you more money on standard printer ink than you’d probably believe possible.

Design and Print Solutions for Your Industry

Healthcare, Property, Industry, Finance or Leisure, there is something that every industry needs and that is the support of a great design and print solutions company. And not meaning to blow our own trumpet… but we think we’re it.

When it comes to the Healthcare Sector hard copy documentation is still a must and will continue to be so for many years to come. The reason is simply because it’s the most practical way to communicate.

The Property Industry also relies heavily on print.

In fact there’s been a huge increase in recent years. And having a design and print solutions specialist like Heaton Press means you can get everything you need in one place, whether producing business cards and letterheads to pass on important information, for a new purchase, or a high quality presentation folder advertising a new development.

We think it’s because it’s a reflection of how the company does business.

The same can be said for the Insurance Industry. And like every industry, they need a competitive price, marketing solutions and ideas to help reduce costs, as well as products such as policy booklets, letter headed paper, continuation sheets, contact cards, brochures, presentation folders, leaflets, pens, key rings and much more.

And let’s not forget the printing needed in the Educational Sector. Whether it’s a school or nursery or university, print is needed constantly. Our current clients include heavy weights such as the University of Manchester and UK Nursery chain, Kids Allowed.

When you think about it, there aren’t many sectors that don’t need a reliable and professional company to take on all their design and print solution needs.

Whether you work in finance, education, healthcare or property, there will always be a need for letterheads, presentation folders, direct mail, posters, letterheads and more.

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