Printing Christmas Cards


Ok so it’s the dreaded Christmas word eh! Printing Christmas Cards come early and so it should do.

Let me tell you this, a number of Businesses think by emailing a Christmas card saves them money?

And it sure does, but what it also does is cost them money by wasting their time!

Sending a Christmas Card, no matter what your faith is, sends an important message to your customers as well as your perspective customers.

It shows them that you care and that you have appreciated their custom throughout the years.

Heaton Press have had the biggest response ever this year from people ordering their 2019 Christmas Cards. Printing Christmas Cards is a very exciting time for us and for good reason.

Keep it simple and show that you care by sending 50-100 Christmas Cards right outside your loyal client base and partners doors, or hand to them personally as you with them a wonderful Christmas break face-to-face.

Contact Heaton Press now as we have a number of great Christmassy designs waiting for yo to choose from, that will also suit your Business personality and branding.


One final tip to show you we care:

The best time this year to send post if you want it to arrive before Christmas is the 29th of November 2019 – As there is a planned Royal Mail strike around the 6th of December and also you will have to contend with the General Elections post!

So call us on 0161 442 1771 or email us at, and we can help get you organised immediately. Don’t run out of time!

We all here at Heaton Press, wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!



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Business Card Design Tips: How To Make The Right Decision

Professional printing services are often asked what it is that makes for a winning business card design, having been exposed to literally thousands of different variations each and every year.

Pinpointing an exact blueprint for the ‘ideal’ business card design is tricky for the simple reason that the approach must be tailored in accordance with what it is the business does and how it likes to be represented.

That being said however, there are certain rules that underpin successful business card design and should be followed in at least 99% of instances.

So, before sending your shiny-new business card design off for bulk printing, take heed of the following:

Less Can Be More.

Filling in every last millimetre of white space just for the sake of it is not necessarily the best idea. If, for example, you’re an executive and would prefer to make a good impression, there’s nothing more effective than a card with just your name and contact details. The reason being that these kinds of cards essentially scream “You know who I am, I don’t need to sell myself” or words to that effect. If, however, you’re a newcomer to the world of business and don’t operate at such a high level, you might indeed need to sell yourself a little more.

One Side or Two?

There’s a pretty clear rule of thumb to follow when it comes to choosing whether to use one side of the card or two. If, for example, you’d like the card to advertise you personally as an individual or as a representative for your business, it’s a good idea to use one side only. If you’re looking to transform your business card into something of a mini advertising flyer in its own right, use both sides. Executives and business types hand out one-sided cards – taxi drivers tend to hand out two-sided cards, which illustrates the difference pretty well.

Size Standards.

While it can be tempting to choose a business card design that’s larger, smaller or a different shape to the standard variant, don’t do it. The reason being that it will not fit in the recipient’s business card holder or organizer properly, but will instead become that annoying card they can’t do a deal with other than throw it in the bin. Suffice to say, this isn’t the result you’re gunning for.

Colour Choice.

If you’re going to go against the grain and use a colour other than white, try to keep it as neutral as possible. It’s again an extreme example, but if a high-flying executive was to give you a business card fashioned from metallic silver card or covered in neon pink stripes, would you be able to take it/them seriously? Probably not.

Quality Counts.

Last but not least, what matters above so many other pointers however is the quality of the paper and indeed the printing service you go for. A business card that’s faded, skewed or splattered all over a piece of barrel-bottom paper of the lowest quality says more about the kind of person/business you are than a million of your own words ever could. So for the sake of your reputation, don’t cut corners.


Black or Colour Leaflets?

Colour Printing or B&W? What goes into the decision to finish black and white or colour leaflets?

Some people will have a set idea on what they want. But it’s not easy to decide.

This is an issue people deal with everyday as a printer, a designer or a company marketing executive. There are many pros and cons to both colour and black and white leaflets. Here are a few:

People always imagine something classic when they think of black and white images, like those taken by the likes of street photographers like Henri Cartier-Bresson, Robert Doisneau, and Robert Frank. There was a time when colour wasn’t as popular. And there are cases when black and white are more appropriate, and times in which colour is more appropriate.


“When you photograph people in colour, you photograph their clothes. But when you photograph people in black and white, you photograph their souls!”
— Ted Grant


Black & White Leaflets.

Black and white is nostalgic. It reminds us of the past, which we often romanticise and idealise. Not only that, but we don’t see the world in black and white, which makes these images more interesting to look at. But you need to think about why you are choosing it. What type of message or feeling are you trying to convey?

Do you want something timeless? When we think of the past, for some reason we always imagine the memories and pictures in our mind in black and white. Therefore if you are trying to get a nostalgic type of feel in your images that pays an homage to the past, black and white is definitely a wonderful medium for that.

Black and white is great for leaflets because it allows you to concentrate on the images themselves, rather than the colour. It’s less distracting for some purposes.

There’s more drama: A strong contrast between black and white on leaflets allows images to pop out at you. Sometimes colour could have been distracting in creating the same effect.

Colour Leaflets.

Of course, colour is the only way for some. Colour offers a variety of hues and tones that black and white cannot. It can be vastly underutilised. With colour, you can highlight elements of a leaflet that can be forgotten in black and white.

It grabs your attention. There are emotional and psychological connections with certain colours– especially with the colour red that yells “look at me!”.

It’s more dynamic: With colour, you have much more access to a wider dynamic range. You can see the warm tones, the patterns. the subtleties. It’s really about the right choice for the right market.

What’s your take on black and white or colour?


Colour Me Bad: Great Colours For Leaflet

Colour quality has to be high on the agenda when you are producing leaflets. If you don’t ensure your leaflet colours shouts quality then it’s really not going to do your brand much good.

Full colour doesn’t necessarily mean expensive. We’ve learnt a few things about how colour can add to your leaflets over the years. And know that one large image or colour is more impact than lots because it can act as an instant focal point. Here are four colours that will work a treat on your promotional material:


Yellow is a colour that will get noticed. It’s an attention grabber. It offers great contrast when used against darker colours and so it offers good choice for copy. We all associate this with sunshine, but too much can have a negative effect.


If it’s power that you want on your flyer, then red will do the trick. It’s such a direct and dramatic colour and will offer your consumer a sense of excitement. We know that the eye is drawn to red. It is not great to add text over, however, simply because the wording won’t stand out. Instead, it’s best used to highlight important areas of information.


Be inspiring with orange. It’s a great autumnal shade. It’s used a lot with Halloween promotions, but it can be used in general a lot more. It’s a motivational shade and will grab attention fast. It’s also a little outside the box so will stand out against competitors.

Bright Green

Apparently green is the most visible colour to the human eye. It is the colour that we see all around us in nature and that we are programmed to respond to. Different shades depict different things for people. When thinking about being different on a flyer then it’s best to stick with a bright green.

There are plenty of flyer or leaflet colours you can go for. The main advice is to use colour to stand out from the rest and attract your customer’s attention.

Need help with your leaflets? Contact our friendly team today and we will help you help your business.

Design Tips For Great Leaflets


Sounds easy doesn’t it, but creating, designing and printing great leaflets is actually quite a difficult thing to do.

Often people stick to a certain format of doing things, but instead of leading to great leaflet this leads to too many mundane leaflets, which can only lead to one thing – complacency.

Your leaflets are so important when it comes to your business that you’d be wrong to underestimate how important it is to take a fresh look at giving your leaflets a new lease of life. Here are some top tips for getting your great leaflets just right.

Be Different

Ask yourself how your flyer can be different than all the rest. One simple solution is choosing a different shape and fold. It’s worth going for something that stands out and size and shape can matter as a first impression.

Be Inspiring

It really does matter what you put on your leaflets. There’s no point just having a whole heap of text to bombard people with. You have to be visually savvy. They must be very high quality so that they print right as well. Don’t stump on the quality of this part because it could make the difference between an incredible leaflet and one that just becomes tomorrows rubbish.

Be Direct

Who is your audience? If you know that then you can make informed decisions about things such as font, and layout. One format will work best for one age group for example, but you also need to consider the fact that most people read from left to right and top to bottom. Sounds simple, but you’d be surprised how many people make that fatal mistake. If you know who your customer is, then it’s easier to get the recipe of a leaflet right. Age, location and social status might have a bearing on who you are targeting. Have a specific target reach for each leaflet.

Be Informative

Get yourself a copywriter who knows what they are doing if you don’t have anyone in house. It really needs to be easy, straightforward and engaging. What information do they need? Do people understand what you are offering? Does your content do the job you intended? Look of it with a fresh set of eyes, and if it seems boring at all, maybe it could do with an edit. And make sure it’s proofread as much as possible. As well as getting the copy and information write, you will want to inform with images. Everything from the prices to the headlines need to offer something that the customer will want to know at a glance. In this information overload of a world, less is always more.

Need help with your leaflets? Contact our friendly team today and we will help you help your business.

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