Deadlines For Printing


Sometimes deadlines can be impossible!

Other suppliers may say, “We can achieve all deadlines! ““Really?”

But like I say sometimes to get the actual job done on time to the right specification and of course these days at the right cost! It cannot be done!

At Heaton Press we are honest about deadlines and we always try to find a solution!

Take this particular job: –

It’s Monday 10am. The Brochures were required for Tuesday 1pm for a council presentation meeting.

Our client wanted 2,000 copies.

But Artwork had not been signed off as the client was waiting for two important location images that had not yet been supplied, and these could not be provided for another 2 days!

Heaton Press found two temporary, similar images and then set about producing 20 copies on our Digital Printing Press! So now our client had them delivered ready for Tuesday 11am.

The following week they provided the missing images then took delivery of the 2,000 Brochures.


What we did was offer our client a solution!

We had a conversation.

We gave them a choice.

And they took it!



John Bardsley – Managing Director


Tel: 0161 442 1771

Printing For Schools


It’s become one of our key areas of expertise, the educational industry. It stands to reason that because of the demand of education within local areas, the competition and the re-inventiveness of the applications, events and young peoples awareness. There’s been a massive increase in the production of printing for schools in this particular sector.

Enter Heaton Press. How can we help?

It seems that nurseries, primary schools, high schools, colleges and universities have all begun to see Heaton Press Ltd as a one stop shop for all their print and design requirements. Which is exactly what we are.

It’s about that need for producing everything from leaflets and letterheads that will enable them to pass on important information for a new event. Or student news to a high quality presentation folder advertising the new start or a schools year.

There’s no doubt that here at Heaton Press we have the tools at hand to help make your company stand out from your competitors.

Our unique selling point is what sets us apart. What we aim to do is become an extension of your marketing team and be someone who can help advise you and your team. For what will work for your business and what is right for getting your message out there as well as helping you get a return on the advertising projects you have rolled out. It’s about taking some of the pain and stress out of the process so that you know you don’t have to worry about it.

We’re talking about an industry with a need for high quality design.

The products need to look fantastic and have a clear message getting through to your future applicants.

Every piece of print will reflect on the way they do business and that could mean getting a notice or not.

Getting your school print material to work for you is something that we understand. With more than 25 years professional printing experience, we’re definitely the best stop for educational printing for school.

Call our friendly team now if you’re searching printing for schools stationery, materials and merchandise on 0161 442 1771 or email us at

Why Is A Brochure Important To Your Business?


Here is a question we get asked a lot –why would I need a brochure for my business, we don’t use them anymore? Why do I need printed marketing materials everything is digital and print is expensive? Let me explain to you a little about business brochures…

I was recently looking to purchase a new BMW 5 Series nothing too flash.

First I thought lets go online and try one of the build your own car profiles, but after the third attempt I gave up! So, off I went to my local BMW Dealership, had a good look around, spoke to the sales person and asked if I could take away a brochure. To my astonishment the reply came, we don’t have any sir. Oh I said, can you send me one in the post when you get some in? No sir we don’t print any they are all online! Why don’t you print any? The reply then came –  I think they cost too much! I replied with –  I am a printer they don’t cost too much it depends on how many you have, £2, £3, £4 each maybe.

This left me with one conclusion. BMW cannot afford to print a brochure to market a £30k to £40k car! Can you believe it – incredible!

So the following day I went to the local Audi Dealership. I had a good chat with the sales person and left with a couple of business brochures!

One month later I collected my new Audi car.

So are you the company without the Brochure?  OR  with the business Brochure a buyer can take away?

A well designed, well written and well printed brochure can make all the difference to your business. A brochure will enable you to reach all of your Target Markets!


John Bardsley 

Managing Director.

Mobile: 07774 989566


Tel: 0161 442 1771

Five Reasons Why Printed Brochures Have Timeless Value

Mention the idea of classic printed brochures to a bunch of business types in today’s world and chances are that at least half of them will respond with a sneer.

Ever since the web took over the world in ways we could never have imagined, these kinds of printed marketing mediums have taken something of a backseat in the eyes of most, though at the same time continue to be used by many of the world’s biggest brands.

When you think about just how many big names are still using brochures these days, you cannot help but assume there’s still quite a bit of value left in them. And indeed there is, as while the web may have revolutionised marketing, browsing and shopping like nothing else on Earth, the value of the printed brochure is still significant and unique.

1.  They’re Kept Long Term

For example, get a person to visit your website and there’s a chance this will be the only time they do so. The reason being that they might just totally forget you exist, but when you hand a brochure to a person, there’s a good chance they’ll hold onto it long term. There’s something of a correlation between the thickness and a quality of a brochure and the recipient’s instinct to hold onto it as if it was a book they’d gone out and bought. Be it weeks, months or years, the right brochure has the potential to become part of a recipient’s near-permanent collection.

2.  They’re Used and Re-Used

Brochures are the kinds of things that pretty much everyone has around the home somewhere or other, with the occupant tending to pick them up randomly from time to time on a whim. This represents pure marketing gold as while a standard ad for your brand might be viewed once and then forgotten, a brochure may be looked at dozens, maybe even hundreds of times by the same person or family. As such, it’s pure marketing gold at its finest.

3.  They’re Always ‘On’

Something else to bear in mind is that while any of your online brochures and ads require a computer, a power source and an Internet connection to access and view, a traditional printed brochure is always ‘on’ 24 hours a day and every day. As such, repeat viewing over the long term is much more likely.

4.  They’re Great Value for Money

In terms of value for money, it’s possible to have stunning brochures printed these days for next to nothing by teaming up with a leading printing provider. On a per-brochure basis, costs are exponentially lower than those associated with other forms of advertising – especially mediums of such high and prolonged impact.

5.  They Look Fantastic

Last but not least, there’s much to be said for a website that’s well-presented but at the same time there’s little than can compare with the traditional elegance of the printed brochure. These kinds of classic advertising products simply scream timeless sophistication and prestige in a way that no digital media at any price ever could.

How To Turn Heads at an Exhibition


An exhibition or event. It’s the best place to get exposure for your business.

So you want to get it right.

The last thing you want is to realise what you could have done with the space once you get there. Some things are obvious, but others need time, organisation and flair.

When it comes to print media you will need:


This is a great way to get your identity out to buyers or clients. especially if they can be placed somewhere they can browse or in the press packs and near the entrances.

Business Cards

Part of the bigger marketing initiative, but an important one nonetheless. You will be interacting constantly with people and will need your cards to hand.


You have to have something to hand out when you’re on your stand to start a conversation and push a new campaign, offer or competition.

Banners and Pop up Displays

Perhaps the most important form of print media at an exhibition are the banners. This is the place to maximise your brand. The big challenge at any exhibition is getting visitors to stop by your stall and see what your team has to say. So make sure you add the right elements. On the banner itself you could think about running a competition or giving out free merchandise and design a banner that ensures you maximise the attraction. Integrate the banner in to your display. Think about the floor space in case you can incorporate a pop up display. But remember not to overdo the products on display. Less is more after all.


Exhibitions allow you to stay on top of trends, so look around and find out what works for other people so you can improve next time.
Whatever you are doing, you’ll need all of the above print media early as possible. As well as maybe a portable printer, just in case you need extras on the day.

To find out more and speak to one of our experts email us at and we can quote your exhibition print media now.