How Outsourcing Printing Jobs Can Save You Money

If you’re in business in the modern world, chances are there’s some kind of printing involved somewhere along the lines, whether your outsourcing printing jobs or day to day photocopying (but let’s forget about that one for now). From newsletters to leaflets to magazines to catalogues and so much more, it’s rare for any established […]

Have Leaflets Stood The Test Of Time?

Who doesn’t love a good leaflet? Forget all the technological advances that have rendered them slightly less useful than way back when, leaflets are still a great marketing tool for business. Some might say the best. Most of us assume that a business or organisation will have leaflets for us to pick up and take […]

A World Without Books

When you work in the print world, you can’t help but feel passionate about what you do, when it’s creating books or leaflet to promote. There’s something so very authentic and artistic about it. So when you wonder what the world would be like without it, it raises some interesting questions. Sounds crazy, but that’s […]

How To Ruin A Business Card In Five Simple Steps

You’d think that getting a business card was easy, which indeed it can be, but at the same time there are so many potholes just waiting to take unsuspecting newcomers entirely by surprise. Business cards are the perfect tools for totally undoing what may have otherwise been a fantastic first impression. The moment they lay eyes […]

Is Printing DEAD??????

Some people think printing is dead! Some people think printing is old fashioned. By the look it, it is very much alive and well. Well let me tell you something, printing is alive and well. In fact it still has the highest response rate ahead of all forms of marketing. E.g. Print / Direct Mail […]

Business Stationery: Simple Tips For Outstanding Results

Despite the world having moved predominantly to paperless means of communication, there’s still so much to be said for the power and appeal of business stationery. The reason being that away from the whole on-screen digital revolution lies certain traditional business tools and tactics that simply cannot and will not be replaced. There will always […]

What Will Your Brochure Say About You?

A brochure can do a lot of things: It can introduce your company to prospects, and offer more information about products. It’s probably one of the most effective marketing pieces you can write. What’s better than a glossy, colour brochure with beautiful photos and engaging writing to make your products fly off the shelves? Here’s […]

Direct Mail With Our January Packages

  January packages and deals are everywhere in the new year. As they say, new year new you, and that goes for your business too.   Right then, who is looking forward to Christmas? A great time of year to enjoy, relax, eat, drink and spend time with friends and family! But before you know […]

Printing Christmas Cards

  Ok so it’s the dreaded Christmas word eh! Printing Christmas Cards come early and so it should do. Let me tell you this, a number of Businesses think by emailing a Christmas card saves them money? And it sure does, but what it also does is cost them money by wasting their time! Sending […]

Why A Business Should Send Christmas Cards

Business Christmas Cards isn’t only a way to gain more loyal customers, by showing how much your business appreciates your clients, staff and partners, by sending a merry Christmas their way in December. It’s a loving and merry feeling to give them all comfort which can be one of the loneliness times of year. We […]

Business Card Design Tips: How To Make The Right Decision

Professional printing services are often asked what it is that makes for a winning business card design, having been exposed to literally thousands of different variations each and every year. Pinpointing an exact blueprint for the ‘ideal’ business card design is tricky for the simple reason that the approach must be tailored in accordance with what […]

The Future of Print

Some people think the future of print is dead! Few people think printing is dead right now! Some think it’s old fashioned! And others think it’s alive and well! Well let me tell you something, printing IS alive and well. The fact is it still has the highest response rate ahead of all forms of […]

Black or Colour Leaflets?

Colour Printing or B&W? What goes into the decision to finish black and white or colour leaflets? Some people will have a set idea on what they want. But it’s not easy to decide. This is an issue people deal with everyday as a printer, a designer or a company marketing executive. There are many pros […]

Deadlines For Printing

Sometimes deadlines can be impossible! Other suppliers may say, “We can achieve all deadlines!“ “Really?” But like I say sometimes to get the actual job done on time to the right specification and of course these days at the right cost! It cannot be done! At Heaton Press we are honest about deadlines and we […]

Our September Deal

  Quality Pens   Order 250 quality pens from us for only £180 and get another 250 free !!! That’s 500 pens for only £180. Now that’s a deal you can’t miss!   What’s the one thing people work with daily, and are constantly searching for? PENS! Or even better… FREE PENS! Show off your […]