Direct Mail

What better way to communicate with new or potential customers than a personalised letter or postcard.

Here are some key points on Direct Mail:

Direct Mail is Flexible and it can be used at every step of your customer journey. Whether you’re focused on lead generation, introducing a new product, Customer Relationship Management or database development, Direct Mail has a role to play. Use it to send a brochure, information pack, card, letter or catalogue – whichever will engage your customers or potential customers the most.

If you feel you have been wasting money on leaflets or are considering warming some leads for your telesales staff Direct Mail could be just what you need.

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You can reach a specific group of people who are more likely to buy or consider buying your products or services. You can select them by postcode and region. Or, you can use other criteria like gender, age, income or interests. Once you have a profile of your customer, if needs be we can help you source


Direct Mail puts your message straight into the hands of customers and prospects the instant they walk into their homes or arrive at work. You can customise your campaign by using your customers’ names and discussing their needs. By acknowledging their birthdays or other events, you can build relationships and get closer to your customers.


Direct Mail is tangible. If it’s put aside, it’s also picked up again, studied and re-considered. It is left on a table or desk for other people to see or as a reminder of something that someone is giving some thought too. Mail is immediate and durable – perfect for building long-term customer relationships. Need a hand creating an effective mailer? We can design, print and mail your materials.


Direct Mail will complement television, radio and newspaper campaigns. For example, a television commercial can raise awareness about a new product but coupons sent to prospects and customers can lead directly to sales. The same is true of newspaper advertising. A mailing can help take your customers from brand awareness to the point of purchase. And, if you’re selling online or building your social media presence, your mail can easily supply a discount code for online use or offer rewards to customers who agree to join a Facebook group or like a product.


enclose an order card or return envelope and you’ll know exactly how many people respond to your Direct Mail campaign. You can also use online discount codes, customised email addresses or phone numbers so you customers can choose the way they get in touch with you.

Receive commission on the first order of any customer you refer to Heaton Press.