Colour Me Bad: Great Colours For Leaflet

Colour quality is important when producing leaflets. If you don’t ensure your leaflet colours shouts quality then it’s not going to do your brand much good.

Trade Secrets: What Makes An Effective Business Card

An Effective Business Card – two little words that can strike fear into the hearts of those not exactly sure what they’re doing.

Branded Keyboard Desk Pads

How do you help build your brand awareness? Getting visibility of your logo, strapline, products and services. Easily done with Branded Keyboard Desk Pads.

One Of Our Clients

Don’t make the same mistake of paying twice the price from a budget printer. Talk to Heaton Press who can give you what you actually need!

Why Is A Brochure Important To Your Business?

A well designed, well written and well printed brochure can make all the difference to your business. Enabling you to reach all of your Target Markets!

The Benefits Of Partnering With Professional Printers

You may not have all the answers as to how to best handle a printing job, even when it comes to quality, quantity, convenience, consultancy, and costs – chances are your professional printers will.

Distributing Leaflets

There’s no point in designing and printing an incredible leaflet or flyer if you aren’t going to distribute it properly. Here’s what to do:

Design Tips For Great Leaflets

Your leaflets are so important when it comes to your business that you’d be wrong to underestimate how important it is. Here are some top tips for getting it right.

Printing Effective Posters For Business: Five Steps to Success

It’s a question the industry’s leading printing firms are asked every day – what makes for truly effective business posters?

Poster Printing: Why It Pays to Go Pro.

From large-scale advertising to that first gig you’ve finally lined up for the band and really anything else across the board, the efforts invested warrant due care and attention when printing.