Direct Mail With Our January Packages


Right then, who is looking forward to Christmas?

A great time of year to enjoy, relax, eat, drink and spend time with friends and family!

But before you know it, that time will be gone and January will have arrived. So everyone will be back to work, probably fed up and grumpy as that normal work life will begin once again.

How can you get those January blues out of your system and be ready to get back to work with a sparkle?

Heaton Press & CMC (Cheshire Marketing Consultants) are creating packages in early December which will combine Direct Mail with Digital Marketing Platforms all ready to go out and land on the 2nd week of January!

Why the 2nd week you ask? As I said previously the majority of companies find it hard to be motivated on the 1st week back in January, and they need to get their grumpiness out of the way ready for full steam ahead, on the 2nd week of January!

As it’s all about reaching people when their attention is high!

Direct mail which is professionally targeted is more successful than any other standalone online media.

Now if you’re smart and work with our team we can combine them both, with stats proving that direct mail and digital combined are the most successful forms of marketing out there to produce your required results.

Ready to up your marketing game in the new year? Contact us to start planning your new year direct mail with our January Packages.



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Printing Christmas Cards


Ok so it’s the dreaded Christmas word eh! Printing Christmas Cards come early and so it should.

Let me tell you, a number of Businesses think by emailing a Christmas card saves them money?

What it does is cost them money by wasting their time!

Sending a Christmas Card, no matter what your faith is, sends an important message to your customer or perspective customer.

It shows that you care and appreciate their custom throughout the year.

Heaton Press have had the biggest response ever this year from people ordering their 2019 Christmas Cards. Printing Christmas Cards is a very exciting time for us and for good reason.

Keep it simple and show that you care by sending 50-100 Christmas Cards

Call Heaton Press as we have a number of designs that will suit your Business.


One final tip to show you we care:

The best time this year to send post if you want it to arrive before Christmas is 29/11/2019 – As there is a planned Royal Mail strike around the 6th of December and also you will have to contend with the General Elections post!

So call us and we can help get you organized.



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Why A Business Should Send Christmas Cards


Have you seen the new John Lewis Christmas advert on TV? It’s not Christmas until you’ve seen the Coke Cola lorry on TV. Why is there such a link between advertising and Christmas? Well ‘tis the season to be jolly and when you get that feel good factor linked to your advertising… bingo!

Mention Christmas adverts and you think of John Lewis, Coke Cola etc.

The season of goodwill

Is there a better time to show appreciation to your clients than at this time of the year? A thank you and holiday greetings can go a long way to help building relationships and loyalty with these clients. It’s also a time to remember absent friends, what about those clients you’ve not seen recently, a card will remind them you’re still around and could well lead to returning business.

Digital cards vs Traditional cards

Since we were children we’ve all known the joy of sending and receiving cards, be it Birthday cards, Family Christmas cards, or Business Christmas cards etc. Does that joy transfer to the receipt of digital cards, e-mails or social media messages?

How much work does it take to send a Traditional card? Well if it’s a custom designed and personalised card it can take more time and effort, but what does it mean to receive one of these cards? Knowing all that effort was put into its creation rather than just a few of clicks of a mouse.

This leads on to the next point…

Longevity of the card

What do you do when you receive a Christmas card in the office? Place it on your desk, pin it to the notice board… the point is, it’s there in front of you for all to see. How long is it on view? Well that depends when you receive it, but done right the Christmas card could be in front of your client for the best part of a month. There are not many marketing items you could put on a client’s desk for so long, that also have the feel good factor of a Christmas card.

When you receive a digital Christmas message, what do you do? You look at it and then it gets left in your inbox or hidden on your timeline, one quick viewing and then it gets discarded or forgotten.

Go against the grain

As e-mail takes over there’s a tendency to go with the flow and send digital cards, e-mail or social media messages with Christmas wishes. That means that your already overflowing inbox/timeline gets filled with even more messages that in the end get missed or receive very little notice.

A desk or notice board that was once filled with cards now has a few more empty spaces, meaning each card there is noticed and appreciated a little bit more. To make a difference sometimes you have to go against the grain. Just because the modern trend is digital, staying traditional may get you better results in the end.

Personal connection

Quite often the product you’re buying can be found in many places, so who do you buy from? Do you blindly buy on price or do you have trusted suppliers of the product you need?

In the days of the internet and e-commerce the personal touch has left the building, you can now buy most products without having to speak to another human being. You become loyal to a supplier without actually speaking to them. Same with all our other print products, they reach out personally just like how our Business Christmas Cards do.


Branded Keyboard Desk Pads

Brand Awareness

How do you help build your brand awareness? Getting visibility of your logo, strapline, products and services for as long as you can is the first step. Easily done with your very own Branded Keyboard Desk Pads.

Well what about getting these in front of your clients and staff every time they’re sat at their desks.

Our branded keyboard desk pads are ideal for this, every time you look down at your keyboard or scribble down a note, you see the logo… read the strapline… see the product.

Building that brand awareness daily in your clients office or within your own office with one great desk accessory.


Your Brand

We all know the benefits of your clients seeing your branding as often as possible, don’t forget your own staff. Do they sometimes give out mixed messages on the phone to your clients? Give them a reference to work from with your motivational strapline and brand message in front of them at all times.



Do you have daily processes that needs logging over the phone, quotes or claims questions? Why not add a list to your pad for memory joggers and easy completion while taking the call.


Useful Information

Make it easy for your clients, have all your useful phone numbers on your pad, such as your customer services, sales or claims department.

Do you have key dates in your business or industry, mark them on the keyboard pad or list them down for everyone to know and never miss.


Academic or Tax Year?

Do you run on a different year to everyone else? Are you a School, College or University running on an academic year or an accountant running on a tax year?

The calendars on the keyboard pads can be set up to suit your business needs. You can have August to July for your academic year, April to March for your tax year, it’s your choice.


Branded Keyboard Desk Pads

If you’re interested in ordering your own company branded keyboard desk pads from us, printed and designed in the best quality. Call us on 0161 442 1771 or email us at

New Year, New You


It’s that time of year when people are looking for a brand new fresh start. And from a business perspective that can mean a whole lot of things. Rebranding, reinvention, redesigns and more.

You may have begun to think about events that you might want to attend and offers that you want to run.

You may be reviewing the schedule of business priorities to assess what needs your full attention and what can wait for a while.

Whatever you are thinking about, it is always a good time in January to ponder about having a refresh, blowing away the cobwebs and really asking yourself where you want you and your business to be in a year’s time.

It’s always handy to look back at the last year’s promotions and see what has worked and what hasn’t. You may have figures to show whether certain products or services and promotions actually worked. If they did, could you revamp them and run them again. We see a lot of clients using the best of the ideas that worked for them the year before. With a simple redesign they can roll out a campaign quickly and effectively without much stress.

If you have budget restraints then it’s always good to think about how you can best spend your money to get the best out of what you have. Often, that can be determined by who your customer is. For example if they are a really local clientele, then you might be best going for new brochures, flyers and advertisements that will reach the local community in the most direct and personable way possible.

This is certainly something we can help with at Heaton Press, Stockport.

You may already have decided that you want something more online that people can get to via their mobiles. And you can use your print budget to look at updating your business cards or producing some key point of sale material for the next exhibition, conference, or store front.

If you are thinking about doing something new for the new year, browse the Heaton Press site now for our latest offers and inspiration. Our friendly team are always on hand to help.

Christmas Cards: A Tradition Businesses Can Love


Now the orders are streaming in from business clients to get their Christmas cards on order and sent out, we can’t think of much more than Christmas some days.

So, it’s interesting to think about how long the tradition of the Christmas card has actually been going, and why it’s such a fantastic one to keep up.

This is what we know:

It was way back in 1843 that the tradition of sending Christmas cards began. A man called Sir Henry Cole and his artist friend John Horsley designed the first card. And it showed the heart of Christmas spirit with images of caring for the poor as well as a huge Christmas Dinner in the middle.

There was a time when only the rich could send post. But as transport expanded and the train network began to be built they became more and more popular.

And then printing technology allowed more and more cards to be produced in large numbers meaning the cost was reduced and everyone was allowed to send cards.

By the early 1900s sending Christmas cards was common place across Europe.

The main visuals centring around the nativity. Although in late Victorian times there were plenty of robins and snow scenes.

Some interesting Christmas card facts:

  • 45% of all cards sent in the UK are Christmas cards.
  • 2 billion Christmas cards were sent in the US compared to 900 million in the UK in 2017.
  • The most cards sent by one person in a year is 62, 824 – nearly enough to cover a football pitch.


Get your Christmas Card order in fast. Call 0161 442 1771 now.

Our December Deal


A Free Christmas Gift

Get a free Christmas gift from Heaton Press Ltd when you order your 2019 Wall Planners with us. 50 copies for £70 or 100 copies for £95.

So to get your 2019 branded wall calendar to put above your desk, with help from us,  please contact us on 0161 442 1771, quoting our DECEMBERDEAL

Offer ends 4th January 2019

Christmas Card Inspiration

It’s not easy picking a Christmas Card design.

You want it to be original but not trying too hard. You might want to avoid religion, but come across as traditional. You want something modern that says something about your business personality, but you don’t want to appear too familiar. Decisions decisions. If in doubt, less is more.

Here are a few of our favourite Christmas card inspiration designs.

These images are from our Christmas Card order; choose one of these designs above, decide how many Christmas cards you’re after: 50, 100, or 200. Know what you want to write inside the card, and possibly send us your company logo and information if you want that included on the corporate cards.

If you’re looking for your Christmas card inspiration, our amazing graphic designers can help. Get your Christmas Card order in fast. Call us on 0161 442 1771 now.

Christmas Card Do’s and Dont’s


The question is, should you send company Christmas cards to clients and customers?

And the answer is absolutely yes!

It’s tradition and it’s a way to let your customers know that you are in it for the long term. But when it comes to best practice, here are a few handy tips for getting started on your company Christmas cards:

Send high quality cards

Quality shows and the quality of the Christmas card reflects on the sender. Sending cheap Christmas cards will make you look cheap. Buy the best Christmas cards you can afford.

Don’t send handmade cards

Unless that’s what you do for a living.

Be tasteful

It’s easy to go for something funny, but it’s not always going to make a good impression.

Don’t forget religion

Or rather be aware if your clients aren’t religious at all. Best to go for something generic.

Make it personal

You don’t just want to put a signature in there. Think about something with a little more personality, like ‘Hope you have a fantastic year.’ And think about handwriting the message.

Use a company stamp

It’s an easy way to get your company information below your signature. Or just include a business card and print the name of the business somewhere on the card so it’s visible.

Don’t use computer labels

Best to handwrite the card if you can.

Use titles

Mr, Mrs, Dr should all be included.

Send to the business address

You should definitely keep it formal in that they receive the card through work.

Be on Time

Same with having you calendars ready for the 1st of January or sooner. There’s no point getting Christmas cards in late. It defeats the object of seasonal cheer. So if you’re searching for company Christmas cards in Manchester this Winter, contact our team at Heaton Press for more information on Christmas Cards.