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Printing For Schools

  It’s become one of our key areas of expertise, the educational industry. It stands to reason that because of the demand of education within local areas, the competition and the re-inventiveness of the applications, events and young peoples awareness. There’s been a massive increase in the production of printing for schools in this particular sector. […]

One Of Our Clients

This person was tempted by an Online Dot.com Budget Printer. When he received his new Business Cards he was all excited & then!… He opened them! That’s when I received a phone call “John can you help me out!” “Sure what can I do?” “I just got these new Business Cards online and I cannot […]

Why Is A Brochure Important To Your Business?

  Here is a question we get asked a lot –why would I need a brochure for my business, we don’t use them anymore? Why do I need printed marketing materials everything is digital and print is expensive? Let me explain to you a little about business brochures… I was recently looking to purchase a […]

Our July Deal

  Summer Bonanza Deal Our amazing Summer Bonanza July Deal: Any new Heaton Press customers get 10% off quote price from their first print purchase if they pay upfront or on delivery. Becoming a new client to Heaton Press opens a lot of new doors for you and your target market. Showcasing your team, products, […]

The Benefits Of Partnering With Professional Printers

With home and office printing having become so universally affordable and easy to carry out these days, it’s little wonder that most businesses take care of everything in-house rather than heading to a professional printers. Indeed, the idea of outsourcing printing jobs to a professional third-party comes across to many as unnecessary at best, alien […]

Carers Week Deal

Carers Week Deal: For every order over £500 we will give £50 towards Carers We’ve got a Carers Week deal in support of Carers 2019. So for every Heaton Press print order over £500 we will give £50 towards Stockport Signpost for Carers.     By pledging our support for Carers Week 2019, Heaton Press […]

Distributing Leaflets

  There’s no point in designing and printing an incredible leaflet or flyer if you aren’t going to distribute it properly. Distributing leaflets is quick and efficient when you’ve partnered with the right company. It’s easy to think of local cash solutions – but there’s a lot of people who just want to take the cash and then dump […]

Design Tips For Great Leaflets

  Sounds easy doesn’t it, but creating, designing and printing great leaflets is actually quite a difficult thing to do. Often people stick to a certain format of doing things, but instead of leading to great leaflet this leads to too many mundane leaflets, which can only lead to one thing – complacency. Your leaflets are so […]

Our May Deal

5000 A5 Flyers for only £20 5000 A5 Flyers for only £20 when you order your print from us, if you’re a new or existing client that hasn’t ordered with us so far during 2019. Please feel free to contact us to discuss your design or if you already have artwork give us a call on 0161 […]

Printing Effective Posters For Business: Five Steps to Success

There will always be those corporate posters and ads that hit home while others do nothing but hit the brand’s confidence, so what’s the secret to avoiding the latter? And creating effective posters for business that work and catch the eye. Well, much of it of course comes down to what it is you’re doing and what […]