Is Printing DEAD??????

Some people think printing is dead!

Some people think printing is old fashioned.

By the look it, it is very much alive and well.

Well let me tell you something, printing is alive and well. In fact it still has the highest response rate ahead of all forms of marketing. E.g. Print / Direct Mail has a 37% higher response rate than email marketing and social media.

People forget that the comfort and simplicity of Print related marketing material gains a greater audience and attention span.

If you look at the stats that 80% of what we read in printed material goes into our mind. The stats for online is that 20% of what we read online goes into our mind.

Also due to GDPR regulations Direct mail is a perfect way to exercise permission for future campaigns.

The underlying issue that print has found it hard to shake is the environmental tag that has given it a tough time.

Now more than ever this myth should be researched properly e.g. most paper used in print today is sourced from sustainably managed forest and recycled pulp. I would also like to point out that most trees are harvested by only clipping and not being destroyed.

We should think more about eating our food off a wooden table than worrying about printing out an email on a sheet of A4 paper as tables are made from the trunk of a tree which needs to be destroyed to make the table!

Anyway, let’s get back on track, print is alive and it will almost certainly be a key factor in marketing your business in order to get you the results you desire.

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