What Will Your Brochure Say About You?

A brochure can do a lot of things: It can introduce your company to prospects, and offer more information about products.

It’s probably one of the most effective marketing pieces you can write.

What’s better than a glossy, colour brochure with beautiful photos and engaging writing to make your products fly off the shelves?

Here’s some tips:

Showcase your product.

Make sure you use the front cover to full advantage by including an eye-catching photo or graphic. All too often companies decide to just use a logo or something rather unexciting, but it’s always much more impactful if you showcase your best product. If you don’t already have great product shots then invest in some now. It could also be the place to offer customers something they really want.

Less is more.

Don’t fill up all the space. This is a visual exercise in the main. It’s about impressing people and leaving a lasting impression. Blocks of text aren’t going to do that in any way shape or form. If anything it will turn them right off. Less is always more. Short snappy sentences, bullet lists, short paragraphs, and so on will offer information at a glance. Be brief and to the point.

What can you do for them?

Ask yourself how you can convey the benefits of your product(s) instead of just naming the features. Be creative.


Be personable with your tone of voice. You can do this by speaking directly to them.

Showcase your feedback.

If you have great reviews of your products, then use that to your advantage. If you have won awards or have certificates then they can add to the weight of the brochure in terms of honesty and value. People like to know that something is recommended.


Do you want to bring people into a shop or send them to a website? If so then tell them how to do that. If you forget your contact information then it’s a wasted exercise.

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