Why A Business Should Send Christmas Cards

Business Christmas Cards isn’t only a way to gain more loyal customers, by showing how much your business appreciates your clients, staff and partners, by sending a merry Christmas their way in December. It’s a loving and merry feeling to give them all comfort which can be one of the loneliness times of year. We all craze that warm feeling which Christmas adverts, songs, etc. send out. Speaking of…

Have you seen the new John Lewis Christmas advert on TV

It’s not Christmas until you’ve seen the Coke Cola lorry on TV.

Why is there such a link between advertising and Christmas? Well ‘tis the season to be jolly and when you get that feel good factor linked to your advertising… bingo!

Mention Christmas adverts and you think of John Lewis, Coke Cola etc.

The Season Of Goodwill

Is there a better time to show appreciation to your clients than at this time of the year? A thank you and holiday greetings can go a long way to help building relationships and loyalty with these clients. It’s also a time to remember absent friends, what about those clients you’ve not seen recently, a card will remind them you’re still around and could well lead to returning business.

Digital Cards vs Traditional Cards

Since we were children we’ve all known the joy of sending and receiving cards, be it Birthday cards, Family Christmas cards, or Business Christmas cards etc. Does that joy transfer to the receipt of digital cards, e-mails or social media messages?

How much work does it take to send a Traditional card? Well if it’s a custom designed and personalised card it can take more time and effort, but what does it mean to receive one of these cards? Knowing all that effort was put into its creation rather than just a few of clicks of a mouse.

This leads on to the next point…

Longevity Of Business Christmas Cards

What do you do when you receive a Christmas card in the office? Place it on your desk, pin it to the notice board… the point is, it’s there in front of you for all to see. How long is it on view? Well that depends when you receive it, but done right the Christmas card could be in front of your client for the best part of a month. There are not many marketing items you could put on a client’s desk for so long, that also have the feel good factor of a Christmas card.

When you receive a digital Christmas message, what do you do? You look at it and then it gets left in your inbox or hidden on your timeline, one quick viewing and then it gets discarded or forgotten.

Go Against The Grain

As e-mail takes over there’s a tendency to go with the flow and send digital cards, e-mail or social media messages with Christmas wishes. That means that your already overflowing inbox/timeline gets filled with even more messages that in the end get missed or receive very little notice.

A desk or notice board that was once filled with cards now has a few more empty spaces, meaning each card there is noticed and appreciated a little bit more. To make a difference sometimes you have to go against the grain. Just because the modern trend is digital, staying traditional may get you better results in the end.

Personal Connection

Quite often the product you’re buying can be found in many places, so who do you buy from? Do you blindly buy on price or do you have trusted suppliers of the product you need?

In the days of the internet and e-commerce the personal touch has left the building, you can now buy most products without having to speak to another human being. You become loyal to a supplier without actually speaking to them. Same with all our other print products, they reach out personally just like how our Business Christmas Cards do.