Direct Mail With Our January Packages


January packages and deals are everywhere in the new year. As they say, new year new you, and that goes for your business too.


Right then, who is looking forward to Christmas?

A great time of year to enjoy, relax, eat, drink and spend time with friends and family!

But before you know it, that time will be gone and January will have arrived. So everyone will be back to work, probably fed up and grumpy as that normal work life will begin once again.

How can you get those January blues out of your system and be ready to get back to work with a sparkle?

Heaton Press & CMC (Cheshire Marketing Consultants) are creating packages in early December which will combine Direct Mail with Digital Marketing Platforms all ready to go out and land on the 2nd week of January!

Why the 2nd week you ask? As I said previously the majority of companies find it hard to be motivated on the 1st week back in January, and they need to get their grumpiness out of the way ready for full steam ahead, on the 2nd week of January!

As it’s all about reaching people when their attention is high!

Direct mail which is professionally targeted is more successful than any other standalone online media.

Now if you’re smart and work with our team we can combine them both, with stats proving that direct mail and digital combined are the most successful forms of marketing out there to produce your required results.

Ready to up your marketing game in the new year? Contact us on 0161 442 1771 or to start planning your new year direct mail with our January Packages.

Have a Merry Christmas and New Year!



Kind Regards

John Bardsley MD


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