Deadlines For Printing

Sometimes deadlines can be impossible!

Other suppliers may say, “We can achieve all deadlines!“ “Really?”

But like I say sometimes to get the actual job done on time to the right specification and of course these days at the right cost! It cannot be done!

At Heaton Press we are honest about deadlines and we always try to find a solution!

Take this particular job:

It is Monday Morning at 10am. The Brochures were required for Tuesday Afternoon at 1pm for a council presentation meeting.

Our client wanted 2,000 copies.

But Artwork had not been signed off as the client was waiting for two important location images that had not yet been supplied, and these could not be provided for another 2 days!

Heaton Press found two temporary, similar images and then set about producing 20 copies on our Digital Printing Press! So now our client had them delivered ready for early Tuesday at 11am.

The following week they provided the missing images, then took delivery of the 2,000 Brochures.


What we did was offer our client a solution!

We had a conversation.

We gave them a choice.

And they took it!



John Bardsley – Managing Director


Tel: 0161 442 1771