Competing In A Digital World


Who says print is dead?

It’s far from it. In fact it’s getting increasingly more important with every day even with the digital world boosting.

Yes we live in a digital world, but it’s in print we trust. Yes we can use digital technology to improve and advance print, but that will never take away from print itself. Heaton Press is really about making sure we are part of the evolution.

The Printing Prize

You can’t put a value on print compared to digital because it’s something tangible. That first edition or treasured copy of something is worth more than money alone. They have value both sentimentally and in reality. You can touch and feel print in a way that human nature will always be drawn to and never be disappointed at. If you can only look at something through a glass computer screen then something will ultimately be lost in translation. Kindles allow people to read on the go. A great invention, but most of us still want our favourites in print while we store the others digitally.

Long lasting

The immediacy of digital is what gives it the power that we see and feel and embrace. And it’s exactly that that allows print to endure. Because while a TV ad will be there and gone, a printed ad will sit and linger. Digital ads will have to try harder to be remembered. Print has the luxury of staying and enduring.

No Pop Ups

If we see one more pop up ad, we’ll scream. It’s simple really, that print is ready to be looked at and catch our eye. You don’t have to put a print ad away because it’s distracting you. You don’t want to instantly get rid of it.

In Print We Trust

Back to the hands on idea of print – the tangibility of it. This is something people generally trust more than digital. When you read something online, it feels like it’s swimming among a whole sea of other digital words and ads and information and it’s hard to know where the quality is. With print, there’s more limited space and therefore it’s more likely to have been edited, proofed and thought about in terms of space usage. And so we trust it more. Like when we read the papers. Or having important documents sent via email.

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