Colour Me Bad: Great Colours For Leaflet

Colour quality has to be high on the agenda when you are producing leaflets. If you don’t ensure your leaflet colours shouts quality then it’s really not going to do your brand much good.

Full colour doesn’t necessarily mean expensive. We’ve learnt a few things about how colour can add to your leaflets over the years. And know that one large image or colour is more impact than lots because it can act as an instant focal point. Here are four colours that will work a treat on your promotional material:


Yellow is a colour that will get noticed. It’s an attention grabber. It offers great contrast when used against darker colours and so it offers good choice for copy. We all associate this with sunshine, but too much can have a negative effect.


If it’s power that you want on your flyer, then red will do the trick. It’s such a direct and dramatic colour and will offer your consumer a sense of excitement. We know that the eye is drawn to red. It is not great to add text over, however, simply because the wording won’t stand out. Instead, it’s best used to highlight important areas of information.


Be inspiring with orange. It’s a great autumnal shade. It’s used a lot with Halloween promotions, but it can be used in general a lot more. It’s a motivational shade and will grab attention fast. It’s also a little outside the box so will stand out against competitors.

Bright Green

Apparently green is the most visible colour to the human eye. It is the colour that we see all around us in nature and that we are programmed to respond to. Different shades depict different things for people. When thinking about being different on a flyer then it’s best to stick with a bright green.

There are plenty of flyer or leaflet colours you can go for. The main advice is to use colour to stand out from the rest and attract your customer’s attention.

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