Why Is A Brochure Important To Your Business?


Here is a question we get asked a lot –why would I need a brochure for my business, we don’t use them anymore? Why do I need printed marketing materials everything is digital and print is expensive? Let me explain to you a little about business brochures…

I was recently looking to purchase a new BMW 5 Series nothing too flash.

First I thought lets go online and try one of the build your own car profiles, but after the third attempt I gave up! So, off I went to my local BMW Dealership, had a good look around, spoke to the sales person and asked if I could take away a brochure. To my astonishment the reply came, we don’t have any sir. Oh I said, can you send me one in the post when you get some in? No sir we don’t print any they are all online! Why don’t you print any? The reply then came –  I think they cost too much! I replied with –  I am a printer they don’t cost too much it depends on how many you have, £2, £3, £4 each maybe.

This left me with one conclusion. BMW cannot afford to print a brochure to market a £30k to £40k car! Can you believe it – incredible!

So the following day I went to the local Audi Dealership. I had a good chat with the sales person and left with a couple of business brochures!

One month later I collected my new Audi car.

So are you the company without the Brochure?  OR  with the business Brochure a buyer can take away?

A well designed, well written and well printed brochure can make all the difference to your business. A brochure will enable you to reach all of your Target Markets!


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