One Of Our Clients

This person was tempted by an Online Budget Printers.

When he received his new Business Cards he was all excited & then!…

He opened them! That’s when I received a phone call “John can you help me out!”

“Sure what can I do?” “I just got these new Business Cards online and I cannot even read them!

They are horrendous out of centre really flimsy and I have this meeting in two days!!”

So we did what we do best we helped the client and now as you can see in this image the new and old result!

One Of Our Clients: (heaton press vs budget printers)

Don’t make the same mistake about doing business with an online budget printers, talk to someone like Heaton Press who can give you what you actually need! Unlike this client who paid twice for his Business cards!

To put this in prospective when most people buy a Mobile phone its usually an IPhone or a Samsung.

Not a Nokia 6210……….Quality is worth paying for!

John Bardsley

Managing Director.

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