Branded Keyboard Desk Pads

Brand Awareness

How do you help build your brand awareness? Getting visibility of your logo, strapline, products and services for as long as you can is the first step. Easily done with your very own Branded Keyboard Desk Pads.

Well what about getting these in front of your clients and staff every time they’re sat at their desks.

Our branded keyboard desk pads are ideal for this, every time you look down at your keyboard or scribble down a note, you see the logo… read the strapline… see the product.

Building that brand awareness daily in your clients office or within your own office with one great desk accessory.


Your Brand

We all know the benefits of your clients seeing your branding as often as possible, don’t forget your own staff. Do they sometimes give out mixed messages on the phone to your clients? Give them a reference to work from with your motivational strapline and brand message in front of them at all times.



Do you have daily processes that needs logging over the phone, quotes or claims questions? Why not add a list to your pad for memory joggers and easy completion while taking the call.


Useful Information

Make it easy for your clients, have all your useful phone numbers on your pad, such as your customer services, sales or claims department.

Do you have key dates in your business or industry, mark them on the keyboard pad or list them down for everyone to know and never miss.


Academic or Tax Year?

Do you run on a different year to everyone else? Are you a School, College or University running on an academic year or an accountant running on a tax year?

The calendars on the keyboard pads can be set up to suit your business needs. You can have August to July for your academic year, April to March for your tax year, it’s your choice.


Branded Keyboard Desk Pads

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