Branded Keyboard Desk Pads

Brand Awareness

How do you help build your brand awareness? Getting visibility of your logo, strapline, products and services for as long as you can is the first step. Easily done with your very own Branded Keyboard Desk Pads.

Well what about getting these in front of your clients and staff every time they’re sat at their desks.

Our branded keyboard desk pads are ideal for this, every time you look down at your keyboard or scribble down a note, you see the logo… read the strapline… see the product.

Building that brand awareness daily in your clients office or within your own office with one great desk accessory.


Your Brand

We all know the benefits of your clients seeing your branding as often as possible, don’t forget your own staff. Do they sometimes give out mixed messages on the phone to your clients? Give them a reference to work from with your motivational strapline and brand message in front of them at all times.



Do you have daily processes that needs logging over the phone, quotes or claims questions? Why not add a list to your pad for memory joggers and easy completion while taking the call.


Useful Information

Make it easy for your clients, have all your useful phone numbers on your pad, such as your customer services, sales or claims department.

Do you have key dates in your business or industry, mark them on the keyboard pad or list them down for everyone to know and never miss.


Academic or Tax Year?

Do you run on a different year to everyone else? Are you a School, College or University running on an academic year or an accountant running on a tax year?

The calendars on the keyboard pads can be set up to suit your business needs. You can have August to July for your academic year, April to March for your tax year, it’s your choice.


Branded Keyboard Desk Pads

If you’re interested in ordering your own company branded keyboard desk pads from us, printed and designed in the best quality. Call us on 0161 442 1771 or email us at

Printing For Schools


It’s become one of our key areas of expertise, the educational industry. It stands to reason that because of the demand of education within local areas, the competition and the re-inventiveness of the applications, events and young peoples awareness. There’s been a massive increase in the production of printing for schools in this particular sector.

Enter Heaton Press. How can we help?

It seems that nurseries, primary schools, high schools, colleges and universities have all begun to see Heaton Press Ltd as a one stop shop for all their print and design requirements. Which is exactly what we are.

It’s about that need for producing everything from leaflets and letterheads that will enable them to pass on important information for a new event. Or student news to a high quality presentation folder advertising the new start or a schools year.

There’s no doubt that here at Heaton Press we have the tools at hand to help make your company stand out from your competitors.

Our unique selling point is what sets us apart. What we aim to do is become an extension of your marketing team and be someone who can help advise you and your team. For what will work for your business and what is right for getting your message out there as well as helping you get a return on the advertising projects you have rolled out. It’s about taking some of the pain and stress out of the process so that you know you don’t have to worry about it.

We’re talking about an industry with a need for high quality design.

The products need to look fantastic and have a clear message getting through to your future applicants.

Every piece of print will reflect on the way they do business and that could mean getting a notice or not.

Getting your school print material to work for you is something that we understand. With more than 25 years professional printing experience, we’re definitely the best stop for educational printing for school.

Call our friendly team now if you’re searching printing for schools stationery, materials and merchandise on 0161 442 1771 or email us at

One Of Our Clients

This person was tempted by an Online Budget Printer.

When he received his new Business Cards he was all excited & then!…

He opened them! That’s when I received a phone call “John can you help me out!”

“Sure what can I do?” “I just got these new Business Cards online and I cannot even read them!

They are horrendous out of centre really flimsy and I have this meeting in two days!!”

So we did what we do best we helped the client and now as you can see in this image the new and old result!



Don’t make the same mistake about doing business with an online budget printers, talk to someone like Heaton Press who can give you what you actually need! Unlike this client who paid twice for his Business cards!

To put this in prospective when most people buy a Mobile phone its usually an IPhone or a Samsung.

Not a Nokia 6210……….Quality is worth paying for!


If you want to get in touch with us for your print needs, contact us on 0161 442 1771, and we won’t let you down unlike the online budget printer our client brought from before us.


Why Is A Brochure Important To Your Business?


Here is a question we get asked a lot –why would I need a brochure for my business, we don’t use them anymore? Why do I need printed marketing materials everything is digital and print is expensive? Let me explain to you a little about business brochures…

I was recently looking to purchase a new BMW 5 Series nothing too flash.

First I thought lets go online and try one of the build your own car profiles, but after the third attempt I gave up! So, off I went to my local BMW Dealership, had a good look around, spoke to the sales person and asked if I could take away a brochure. To my astonishment the reply came, we don’t have any sir. Oh I said, can you send me one in the post when you get some in? No sir we don’t print any they are all online! Why don’t you print any? The reply then came –  I think they cost too much! I replied with –  I am a printer they don’t cost too much it depends on how many you have, £2, £3, £4 each maybe.

This left me with one conclusion. BMW cannot afford to print a brochure to market a £30k to £40k car! Can you believe it – incredible!

So the following day I went to the local Audi Dealership. I had a good chat with the sales person and left with a couple of business brochures!

One month later I collected my new Audi car.

So are you the company without the Brochure?  OR  with the business Brochure a buyer can take away?

A well designed, well written and well printed brochure can make all the difference to your business. A brochure will enable you to reach all of your Target Markets!


John Bardsley 

Managing Director.

Mobile: 07774 989566


Tel: 0161 442 1771

Our July Deal


Summer Bonanza Deal

Our amazing Summer Bonanza July Deal:

Any new Heaton Press customers get 10% off quote price from their first print purchase if they pay upfront or on delivery.

Becoming a new client to Heaton Press opens a lot of new doors for you and your target market. Showcasing your team, products, services, new deals or even an event you’re about to host. Using design and print is a great way to increase your brands awareness.

We’ve been printing and designing for over 25 years now, working with companies in every industry from high achieving universities to local accountants wanting to grow their business. By providing them with great print materials that not only look great, but give great results.

Have a look at our amazing print products online, or contact our marketing team to find out which print materials can drive your sales. We can print Business Cards, Letterheads, Leaflets, Brochures, Posters, Presentation Folders, Calendars, Pens, and so much more.

To make your first order with us with our amazing Summer Bonanza deal, quote SUMMERBONANZA by giving us a call on 0161 442 1771, or emailing us at

Offer ends 31st July 2019