Distributing Leaflets


There’s no point in designing and printing an incredible leaflet or flyer if you aren’t going to distribute it properly. Distributing leaflets is quick and efficient when you’ve partnered with the right company.

It’s easy to think of local cash solutions – but there’s a lot of people who just want to take the cash and then dump the flyers over the nearest hedge.

What you need is a reputable and reliable distribution company. Here’s what to do:

Decide What Type of Distributing Leaflet Service You Need:

Door To Door.

A classic way to get a leaflet and flyer into the hands of your customers… via their letterbox! But you also need to have an idea of areas, streets and think about things such as whether you want houses or flats? You may also want council or non council. There are a number of ways to streamline your distribution door to door. A cheaper option is to have your flyers delivered along with other companies’ flyers. Hopefully they won’t be competitive. But either way the process will still be less impactful. Simply because your message could get lost alongside others. If you are going door to door, it could pay to do it independently.

On The Street.

It’s great to get your flyers in someone’s hand directly. It’s all about timing and location. Shopping centres and high streets at the weekend or lunchtime. Rush hour, festivals. Anywhere there is. However, the more creative you can be in spreading the word about yourself, the more business you are likely to attract. The best way is to source a savvy operator with friendly distribution staff who will be able to answer questions and engage with potential customers. Ideally, they’d have branded clothes on.

Top Tip: Try and flyer where people will get bored and are more likely to read – big queues or places where people wait.

Business To Business.

If you have a unique demographic, then use it. Target cafes, shops, hotels, pubs, takeaways, gyms, book stores, sports centres, doctor’s surgeries, libraries, etc. These are all worth thinking about to distributing leaflets and flyers.

Make A Shortlist.

Once you know what you want, then check distribution companies through Google, check the company websites and their references. And this is what you need to know:

  1. What’s their experience?
  2. Is a minimum or maximum quantity of leaflets the amount they will deliver for you? Most firms insist on a minimum order of 5,000 items such as leaflets, flyers, menus, booklets or cards to distribute.
  3. Will they give a spot check to make sure their delivery staff are doing their work properly?
  4. Will they collect your leaflets and flyers, or will you have to send them over?
  5. How good is their customer service? Testimonials are always good.
  6. Will they give you a free quote? Ask them to be specific about how much it will cost you.

Track Your Leaflet Success.

You need to know if you’ve been successful. It’s easier if you’ve planned this from the beginning. The best ways to track this are:

  • With a special offer or discount coupon.
  • Through a QR barcode on the flyer/leaflet that links to web page.
  • Customer surveys or registration?
  • Spikes in phone calls, emails, web visits or pop-in customers in the days following your leaflet or flyer going out.

Whatever you find out is valuable information for business plans in the future.

That’s all you need to know about distributing leaflets and flyers. Need help with flyer design? Check out our blog for inspiration.