Printing Effective Posters For Business: Five Steps to Success

There will always be those corporate posters and ads that hit home while others do nothing but hit the brand’s confidence, so what’s the secret to avoiding the latter? And creating effective posters for business that work and catch the eye.

Well, much of it of course comes down to what it is you’re doing and what you intend to get out of the campaign. But in all instances across the board, there are five specific rules you should follow along the way which in conjunction with one another will help lay the groundwork for a poster that ticks all the right boxes.

1. Have a Purpose in Mind

Right off the bat, you can’t expect to get what you want out of your posters if you don’t know ahead of time what it is you actually want from them. In some cases you may be looking to bump up sales of one product, maybe you’d like to further your email subscriber lists or it could just be a case of getting more foot traffic to your store. Only when you have an exact target in mind can you then go about trying to hit it – an important business rule across the board.

2. Professional Design

If you aren’t personally a dab-hand with Photoshop and your editing skills leave a lot to be desired, don’t run the risk of putting out a third-rate poster just to save cash. These days, there are so many design firms and even freelancers working online that can help you out for next to nothing. When buying effective posters, there’s really no reason to go it alone, struggle and come out with something you’ll not be happy with.

3. Instant Impact

Still on the subject of design, studies have shown that when the average consumer sees a poster, you as a business have no more than two to three seconds to hook them. If you don’t, they’ll have forgotten they ever even saw the thing within ten seconds. This doesn’t necessarily mean getting carried away with loud and brash visuals, but you do at least need to consider how your poster will stand out and make an impact.

4. Concise Information

In exactly the same vein, even if you do capture their attention you need to make sure you get all you need to say across in the shortest possible time. They aren’t going to hang around to read your life story and nor will they be willing to look for the one point of interest to them among the 20,000 words of text you’ve printed. Keep it short, sharp and to the point, and that’s how they’ll become effective posters.

5. Quality Printing

Last but not least, it really doesn’t matter whether you’re planning to go national, international or simply keep things limited to any given locality – quality counts. If printing quality is overlooked or the actual materials used for the posters compromised for the sake of saving a few quid, chances are the information they communicate will be dangerously diluted and thus is less likely to be taken seriously.