Five Top Tips For Reducing Printing Costs


Pound for pound, printer ink is one of the most staggeringly expensive printing costs commodities any business will ever invest in.

And with printer cartridges becoming pricier with each passing year, it’s hardly surprising that so many offices are searching high and low for workable ways of cutting printing costs.

What’s the experts’ take on the subject? Well, the good news is that bringing printing costs under control is indeed a realistic possibility – many of the options for doing so may have been right under your nose the whole time.

Tip 1. Outsource

First of all, outsourcing printing jobs has traditionally been seen as the lavish way to go, though makes quite a bit of sense when you think about it. With no need for printing hardware, no costs for ink and no constant refilling of paper, you end up saving the kind of money that could easily stretch to a supreme-quality professional printing service and never have to worry about overspending again.

Tip 2. Upgrade

If however you’re fully intent on sticking with the DIY printing option, there’s no escaping the fact that your 2003 HP Deskjet printer just isn’t going to be as efficient as the latest 2019 models. Yes there’s an expense to be footed in the form of the printer itself, but given the fact that you might save up to 50% on ink costs from then on, it’s the kind of expense you’ll find being repaid many times over.

Tip 3. Font Checks

Something of a no-brainer as soon as you actually think about it – some fonts inherently use a lot more ink for printing purposes than others. The font you choose along with its size, style and so on will all have an effect on how much ink you use, so it’s worth seeing if you can get away with something smaller and simpler. You can find plenty of details online as to which fonts are the most frugal when it comes to ink-preservation.

Tip 4. Buy in Bulk

No matter what it is you need for your printer – paper, ink and so on – you stand to save a small fortune if you buy in bulk. The simple fact of the matter is that printer ink doesn’t really cost the Earth to produce, which is why retailers and wholesalers can pick the stuff up for a hell of a lot cheaper than the standard end-user. Of course, the only bind here is that if you buy enough printer ink to last three or four years, you’re out of luck if you decide to upgrade to a better machine in the meantime…a bit of a catch 22.

Tip 5. Banish the Brands

Last but not least, as much as they would have you believe otherwise there is quite simply no difference between the branded cartridges on the market and the better-quality unbranded alternatives. Not only will the latter cost you a great deal less, but you can also pick up versions that are refillable or can be fed from a continuous ink supply – both of which will save you more money on standard printer ink than you’d probably believe possible.