Why We Love Wall Calendars


You can save an awful lot of money on marketing if you only think about the beauty of wall calendars.

Let’s just ponder that for a minute. Here it is this totally visible, practical item that will be placed on a wall right in front of your client and will sit there every day of every week of every month until someone turns the page to reveal a new and interesting visual to celebrate and clock the next month, which will continue to hang there every day of every week until the next month, when the whole beautiful ritual will happen again.

It’s genius when you think about it. Of course, this is reliant on the fact that your client will have a wall calendar, but the fact is that in spite of digital calendars on phones and through our emails and computers, people still like the reassurance of things such as Desktop Calendars and Wall calendars. There’s something about the hands on nature of the product that people like.

And there’s something about the powerful nature of it’s marketing that everyone can like.

Here at Heaton Press we believe it’s one of the best ways to get your name in front of clients.

It’s also really quick and easy to set one up. This is something we can help you design.

And what’s really important for you is that you can have a different message or promotion each month, which makes getting a Wall Calendar a must-have in your marketing plan really.

There’s no minimum order and now’s the perfect time to order so that you can send them out before the new year starts.

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