Christmas Cards: A Tradition Businesses Can Love


Now the orders are streaming in from business clients to get their Christmas cards on order and sent out, we can’t think of much more than Christmas some days.

So, it’s interesting to think about how long the tradition of the Christmas card has actually been going, and why it’s such a fantastic one to keep up.

This is what we know:

It was way back in 1843 that the tradition of sending Christmas cards began. A man called Sir Henry Cole and his artist friend John Horsley designed the first card. And it showed the heart of Christmas spirit with images of caring for the poor as well as a huge Christmas Dinner in the middle.

There was a time when only the rich could send post. But as transport expanded and the train network began to be built they became more and more popular.

And then printing technology allowed more and more cards to be produced in large numbers meaning the cost was reduced and everyone was allowed to send cards.

By the early 1900s sending Christmas cards was common place across Europe.

The main visuals centring around the nativity. Although in late Victorian times there were plenty of robins and snow scenes.

Some interesting Christmas card facts:

  • 45% of all cards sent in the UK are Christmas cards.
  • 2 billion Christmas cards were sent in the US compared to 900 million in the UK in 2017.
  • The most cards sent by one person in a year is 62, 824 – nearly enough to cover a football pitch.


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