How A Branded Corporate Calendar Could Boost Your Business


Today’s market for promotional products is the largest and most diverse we’ve ever seen. This includes merchandise, leaflets, office stationery, or a corporate calendar, etc.

Quite simply if there’s a way of putting a brand’s logo on it, you can guarantee it’s being given away by one business or another like there’s no tomorrow. Which is all well and good, but the more commonplace and taken for granted these kinds of branded products become, the lower the impact of the standard tried-and-tested options.

There is, however, one uniquely powerful and accessible option which never fails to hit home with the vast majority of businesses.

Corporate calendars might seem more than a little ‘blah’ when it comes to creativity and value, but in reality there’s really very little out there more useful to help give your brand and your business a nudge in the right direction.

How can a corporate calendar achieve all of this?

1.   A Welcome Gesture

Well, first of all there’s the fact that calendars are pretty important staples in largely every office across the country, meaning that a corporate calendar is a rare example of a gift that will actually be well-received. In order for any gift to be in any way valued by a peer, client or anyone else, it needs to be of at least some kind of use to the recipient. This is one box that the corporate calendar ticks in spades.

2.   Long-Term Exposure

In terms of doing something that’s pretty much priceless for you and your brand, corporate calendars can provide the kind of long-term brand exposure nothing else in the world comes close to. Think about it – if you come up with a calendar design that’s both useful and attractive, the result will be a product proudly bearing your brand and message going on the wall in another office for a full 365 days. And if you hand out a thousand of them, that’s a thousand offices full of people seeing your brand day in and day out. Really, how else could you possibly achieve the same…let alone for such a low price?

3.   Real Interaction

Still in the same vein, it’s also worth considering that well-designed calendars are far from inanimate decorative touches alone – they’re interactive and useful. So again, this means having your branded product not only displayed with pride in the office, but approached, used and referred to time and time again day in and day out. Over time therefore, it’s impossible for your brand and your message not to find its way into the heads of those making use of the calendar.

4.   Inherent Association

Last up, a calendar is also a great way of getting your brand associated with the imagery and overall design elements of your choosing. If you come up with a calendar that presents a series of incredibly inspiring images perhaps accompanied by thought-provoking written content, it’s inevitable that all such quality will become inherently and subconsciously associated with your brand. Of course, getting it right in the first place isn’t easy and you’ll most likely need professional input by a printing solutions company, but with these kinds of results on offer it’s hardly an unfair price to pay.