Design and Print Solutions for Your Industry

Healthcare, Property, Industry, Finance or Leisure, there is something that every industry needs and that is the support of a great design and print solutions company. And not meaning to blow our own trumpet… but we think we’re it.

When it comes to the Healthcare Sector hard copy documentation is still a must and will continue to be so for many years to come. The reason is simply because it’s the most practical way to communicate.

The Property Industry also relies heavily on print.

In fact there’s been a huge increase in recent years. And having a design and print solutions specialist like Heaton Press means you can get everything you need in one place, whether producing business cards and letterheads to pass on important information, for a new purchase, or a high quality presentation folder advertising a new development.

We think it’s because it’s a reflection of how the company does business.

The same can be said for the Insurance Industry. And like every industry, they need a competitive price, marketing solutions and ideas to help reduce costs, as well as products such as policy booklets, letter headed paper, continuation sheets, contact cards, brochures, presentation folders, leaflets, pens, key rings and much more.

And let’s not forget the printing needed in the Educational Sector. Whether it’s a school or nursery or university, print is needed constantly. Our current clients include heavy weights such as the University of Manchester and UK Nursery chain, Kids Allowed.

When you think about it, there aren’t many sectors that don’t need a reliable and professional company to take on all their design and print solution needs.

Whether you work in finance, education, healthcare or property, there will always be a need for letterheads, presentation folders, direct mail, posters, letterheads and more.

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